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About Us

Rhema’s Learning Center, LLC was established in 2011.  We are a family-owned company with over 30 years of child care experience.  We first opened up our learning center in Mexico City in 1989 and then brought our business in 1995.  The philosophy of our program states that each child is a worthwhile and unique individual.  All children are given many opportunities to learn in their own way, pursuing their own interests and having their many individual needs met based on their age.  We understand the importance of providing opportunities for children to participate in group and individual activities, noisy and quiet times, large and fine motor physical activities, and time for observation to develop problem solving and listening skills. We believe, if given the chance, every child has the potential to develop a healthy sense of self-esteem; a feeling that he or she is special.

We will build a solid foundation on a day-to-day basis through fun activities which are developmentally appropriate for the child’s age and which will enhance their cognitive, social, emotional, language linguistic, fine and gross motor skills.

Enrollment is open to children without regarding race, color, sex, handicap, religion, national origin, or political belief.

Rhema’s Learning Center and its staff are committed:

  1. To help children develop a positive self-image.
  2. To provide opportunities to establish early friendships for social interactions among children and adults.
  3. A foundation on which to build future learning.
  4. To provide activities encouraging development of large and fine motor skills.
  5. To help children develop effective communication, interpersonal, relations, listening and conflict resolution skills.
  6. To encourage children to express themselves in appropriate and acceptable ways.
  7. To develop in each child an interest in learning about his/her environment.
  8. To offer experiences that enable children to develop self-esteem and confidence to make proper decisions.
  9. To receiving specialized training in child development to ensure children receive the appropriate care.